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Masterclass: "20,000 Leads in 30 Days"

Masterclass: "Raising $100,000 Through Crowdfunding"

Masterclass: "Mastering Your Founder Mindset"

Introducing The 'Insider Community': Your Entrepreneurial Launchpad

The Insider Community is more than just an online learning hub – it's a community for entrepreneurs and purpose-driven creatives. We're committed to helping you build businesses that aren't just profitable, but also impactful.

Whether you're nurturing the seed of an idea or aiming to take your existing business to new heights, our community is here to accelerate your growth. We offer a shortcut that saves you years of expensive trial and error. Imagine having a toolkit that streamlines your path to success.

Our community is built on real-world wisdom. We've established multiple six and seven-figure businesses and have an extensive background in coaching startups. From their early incubation to their launch and beyond, we've guided numerous ventures to soar to new heights.

We're more than mentors; we're your entrepreneurial allies. Eager and ready, we're here to guide you step-by-step. Together, we'll transform your entrepreneurial dreams into dazzling, tangible realities. Join us, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Victor is the real deal. He lives and breathes 2 things, business and people. If you are starting your adventure in business Victor has a wealth of information and is more than willing to share! He has every angle covered and can help you with planning, strategy, marketing, how to save time, and take away a lot of the confusion.

— Steven H.


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Get A FREE 30 Day Trial Then It’s Just $47/mo. Cancel Anytime.

'Insider Community' Will Help You...


Fire Up Your Entrepreneurial Drive

Spark that unstoppable energy! Dive into a world bursting with resources and community that fan the flames of your ambition, no matter the ups and downs.


Network Like a Pro

Rub shoulders with the best! Expand your horizons by connecting with an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and industry mavens. It’s your golden ticket to partnerships, wisdom, and those oh-so-crucial breakthroughs.


Your Success Map, Unfolded

No more wandering! We lay out your entrepreneurial path with crystal clarity, step-by-deliberate-step. Follow it, and watch your dream leap from paper to the real world.


Funding Demystified

Crack the funding code. Tap into insider know-how and strategies that demystify the fundraising hustle, making the once-daunting quest for capital surprisingly doable.


Attract More Customers

Turn into a customer magnet! Harness field-tested techniques to not just draw in customers, but keep them hooked. Watch as your market presence and customer family grow by leaps and bounds.


True Accountability, Real Progress

Not just talk, but action! Our tribe’s got your back, keeping you on track with regular check-ins that aren't just supportive – they're transformative.

How Does The 'Insider Community' Work?

This is a private community where you get the tools, support and coaching needed to take your ideas and turn it into reality. When you join, you get access to:

Entrepreneurial Success Path

Embark on your journey with our Entrepreneurial Success Path. This isn't just a course; it's a roadmap used by over 1300 founders! Rooted in the Lean Startup Methodology, it’s your step-by-step guide from the spark of an idea to a spectacular launch. Perfect for patching up any holes in your entrepreneurial game.

Monthly Masterclasses

Every month, join Victor for mastermind sessions that are nothing short of revelatory. We're talking insider playbooks on marketing, customer acquisition, funding, and more. It's like having a secret business weapon in your arsenal!

Live Coaching

Stuck? Not on our watch! Tune into exclusive members-only office hours for a live Q&A. It's your monthly dose of unsticking, courtesy of yours truly.

Founder Library (Coming soon)

Dive into a trove of swipe files, resources, and templates. It's your fast track to the top, cutting through the noise and clutter.

Is the 'Founder Launchpad' Right For Me?

Are you an entrepreneur with an unquenchable thirst for success? Tired of hitting roadblocks and wondering what's next? If you're someone who refuses to settle for the ordinary and dreams of more out of life, the Insider Community is your arena. It's for the visionaries who see business as more than profit – it's a tool to make a real impact and live life on their own terms.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Got a brilliant idea but feel lost on launching it? We provide a clear, proven roadmap. Turn your idea into a thriving business with our step-by-step guidance.

Startup Founders

If you're seeking funding or striving to hit that sweet spot of product-market fit, we've got you covered. Learn the lean startup principles and get playbooks for validating ideas, bootstrapping, and gaining initial traction.

Established Founders Ready to Skyrocket

For those founders looking to scale and level up – maybe you've lost focus or are feeling overwhelmed – our community is a goldmine. Discover how to zero in on what truly drives success. We show you how to build an infrastructure that frees up your time, giving you the freedom and resources to expand your business to 7 figures and beyond.

What others are saying about working with Victor?

"Working with Victor was a pivotal experience in the journey of Ziggy Bars. His keen insight and tailored advice were invaluable. Victor has a unique gift for identifying the small stumbling blocks that can trip up a growing business, providing solutions that seem obvious in hindsight but are genius in foresight. His support went beyond the day-to-day; it was truly mentorship that nurtured not just the business, but the entrepreneurial spirit as well. Any entrepreneur who has the chance to work with Victor is stepping onto a path lined with clarity and success."

Rachel Littell, Founder of Ziggy Bars

"Victor didn't just give me the answers; he guided me to find them myself, optimizing my resources to achieve my goals. He taught me to set and measure attainable goals, to stay on track without becoming overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks every entrepreneur faces. More than a coach, Victor listened and personalized his guidance, which internet resources couldn't offer. His approach to alignment turned the chaos of starting my business into a clear, straight path forward. Thanks to this program, my productivity has soared, my stress levels have plummeted, and I've gained the work-life balance to enjoy life's precious moments.

Richard Pana, Founder at Emerging Agriculture Technology Startup

Victor was amazing! He had incredible insights for me on both sides of the influencer/affiliate equation; working with brands as an influencer himself, as well as building an army of brand ambassadors for his own companys products. Thanks a ton!

- John Crestani, Data Platform Founder at Antler


Who Teaches The 'Insider Community'?

The Insider Community is led by Victor Macias, a serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank alumn. He co-founded, Male Standard, a successful men's lifestyle publication, collaborating with brands such as Gillette, GMC, Heineken, and Unilever.

He also co-founded Nui Foods, a CPG snack food company that developed the world's first keto cookie, raised over $100,000 with crowdfunding and scaled the brand to over 7 figures. In addition, he has mentored over 100 startup founders and currently mentors startups at the CSUF Startup Incubators

What you’ll learn in the Insider Community is based on over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, not theory. Train with a serial entrepreneur who’s built six and seven figure brands and will personally guide you to success using his exact framework.

Get A FREE 30 Day Trial Then It’s Just $47/mo. Cancel Anytime.

When You Say Maybe Today, You Can Have All of This For FREE.

Three FREE Gifts Which Include:

  • Masterclass: "20,000 Leads in 30 Days"
  • Masterclass: "Raising $100,000 Through Crowdfunding"
  • Masterclass: "Mastering Your Entrepreneurial Mindset"

'Insider Community' Access:

  • Entrepreneurial Success Path (Your Roadmap)
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Live Coaching
  • Founder Library (Coming soon)

Total Value $4,997


Get a FREE 30 Day Trial Then It's Just $47/mo. Cancel Anytime.

So What's the Catch?

Curious why I'm offering so much for free? It's simple: I know this stuff works wonders – I've taught it, used it, and seen its magic. Consider this a little nudge to say 'Yes.' I'm betting that once you experience the value and transformation, you'll be hungry for more – more training, more masterminds, more growth. That's the "catch" – it's an invitation to a journey of success and continuous learning. Join in, fall in love with the process, and watch how far we can go together!


How does the free trial work?

The program offers a 30-day free trial, during which you can access all the resources, including masterclasses, the entrepreneurial success path, live coaching, and a private community for networking. There are no costs or obligations during the trial period, allowing you to experience the full benefits of the program without any initial investment.

When will I receive my free gifts?

The free gifts, which include masterclasses on topics like lead generation and crowdfunding, are available as soon as you sign up for the membership program. These resources are designed to provide immediate value and assist you in your entrepreneurial journey from day one.

What if I’m not satisfied with my membership?

If you're not satisfied with the membership, the program offers a 100% satisfaction 30-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel anytime during your free 30-day trial and still keep the gifts. The program aims to ensure that you find value and support in your entrepreneurial journey without any risk.

How much does it cost?

After the 30-day free trial, the membership costs $47 per month. This fee provides continuous access to all the program's resources, including monthly masterclasses, live coaching, and the private community.